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What is 3m?: Man Making Mission (3M) is a unique and indispensable path of each individual which gives the best way of existence and evolution in all directions of life. Read more…


 Protocol of 3m: 10 points program of 3M – extracted from the thousands years life experiences of Aryan Seers with latest psycho-scientific verification. Read more…


Move on with 3m: Why one must adopt the protocols of 3M to make a silent world revolution through self-elevation. Read more...











What is 3M (Man Making Mission)?


ISHRD has taken a 20 years program in first phase of Man Making Mission (3M) which is founded on the verified scientific facts of ancient idea of the Aryan Seers and World masters to make each individual a true conscious; who could gradually reveal own integral relationship with the whole universal mechanism focusing on the realization of ‘oneness-feeling’ with this system. We believe that this could only be possible – by gradual biological and psychological evolution, which may lead one to develop efficiency – the inner strength of material and spiritual progress towards Global Humanitarian State and realization of universal oneness. He or she who agrees with the protocols of the mission and lovingly feels to join this silent revolution of 3M; must come forward with an oath to practice in own life…


  Ten points Protocol of  Man Making Mission (3M) :

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   Move on with 3M:

Be a part of 3M by practicing its’ protocols and gradually uphold silent world revolution by upgrading material, mental and spiritual strength. These protocols of 3M are the outcome of the verified research for thousands of years of our past seers, and also psycho-scientific experiments of the modern scientists – which is holding the ultimate secrets of existential-evolution of self and environment. So moving on sincerely with 3M one finds the path of material success and spiritual bliss towards feeling of ‘Oneness-realization’ with the universe. And this revolution will build a world-wide socio-economic and socio-cultural base of divine-Communism. So let’s popularize 3M by bringing each individual under this fold to strengthen our own self-existence.




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