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Indoaryan.org has been launched to reveal the all-fulfilling truth of existence of individuals is now web based virtual form. This is dedicated for them who are keenly seeking for the heavenly bliss, mental peace and scientific vision of life to achieve total success in spiritual and material life by cultivating the culture of existence of global humanity. So we call – Conserve the balance of Socio Environmental Ecology (SEE) and realize ‘oneness-feeling’ with the totality.

Objective of this school is to initiate Man Making Mission (3M) to contribute humanity as the best resource for the world – which would change the humankind by qualitative change of individuals. The school is working mainly to develop human resource to protect, nurture and uphold the natural laws of total evolution of human-being to be applied in each individual. Our goal is to build up spiritual-consciousness blended with scientific-awareness of individuals through education and existential culture - that would maintain the balance of Socio Environmental Ecology (SEE) by realization of oneness-feeling with the whole system i.e. I’m in all and all are in me...

Course of studies of ISHRD are based on the ‘Indoaryan-Existentialism’ philosophy. The living demonstrations of science of life and growth by naturally evolved Seers of their contemporary ages boosted the people's internal and external progress. This 'culture of existentialism' of humanity in our point of view is only Aryan-ism in reality and its’ Indian form of spiritual based material progress is "Indoaryan"-ism.

The curriculum and the course of studies are named Self Quest of Life (SQL). SQL is now presenting two states of course of studies through lessons are: Fundamental and Advance. Apart from that, ISHRD also presenting Contact Class Program of Human Potential Management under SQL, for the professionals, family persons and youth/students along with Counseling and Guidance to achieve total success in the respective fields, professions and lives.

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