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Objectives The latest techniques derived from the discoveries of the Aryan Seers of self-becoming along with the environment. Get more...
bullet Study procedure: Under the virtual mechanism providing exceptional exposure of reality of teachings of Guru of human potential management (HPM). Get more…
bullet Curriculum: Science and spirituality have come together to uphold HPM for different sections of people i.e. individual, family, professionals, students, youth, etc. Get more…
bullet Syllabus: Two text modules of SQL - Foundation and Advance are being initialized along  with audio visual, contact class program and counseling and guidance facility. Get more…
bullet Registration: Each one has to go through registration.  CLICK HERE
bullet More HR Courses : Many free and online courses are available. Get more…
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bullet One could reveal own inner complexes, and shall find the solutions to be and become.
bullet One may find the path of self-relationship with the whole creation and get the oneness feeling with it.
bullet One can be outfitted to get the latest technique of meditation of total spiritual-development.
bullet One might discover the specific laws of nature’s evolution which are most essential for existence of human life.
bullet One shall be capable to open the inner factors of conjugal life and eugenics for happy family and better offspring.
bullet One could find the scientific facts of psycho-spiritual self-development with concentration and peace of mind.
bullet Once may be well equipped to realize the truth of socio-economic development on the way of a Global state.
bullet One shall be ready to set the inter-fulfilling relationship among the World-Seers, to build Global-unity.
bullet One would be able to establish the fulfilling relationship between Materialism-Spiritualism and Science-Dharma.





bullet Presently studies of the lessons are basically on the distance learning (on line) system.
bullet The reading materials will also be available in Hindi and Bangla in near future.
bullet The main course of study of 'SQL' is divided into THREE modules.
bullet After only completing SQL-I and getting satisfactory result one can go for advance studies.
bullet A special self-management and consciousness building course for the students and youth. Near future looking for the Adults & Professionals.
bullet After successfully completion of each course of SQL, learner will be awarded certificate of ISHRD.
bullet We shall provide the facility of counseling and guidance to solve the problems of individual life.






Course Code

Course Name

SQL-1 Foundation Lesson of Indoaryan Existentialism (IE) (FREE for qualifiers)
SQL-2 Advance Lesson of Indoaryan Existentialism (IE)
SQL-3 Science of Socio Environmental Ecology (SEE) (Under development)
SQL-4 “Special Course (guideline & counseling)” for Children, Students and Youth
SQL-5 “Short term contact-class program” for Professionals, Adults & Teenagers
SQL-6 “Counseling and guidance” to find a way out of the problems of individual life





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Foundation Lesson of Self Quest of Life (SQL-1)

Advanced Lessons of Self Quest of Life (SQL-2)

The know-how of tackling daily life problems created by our un-consciousness passionate mind.

This is the lesson about the details of the new doctrine of 'Indo-Aryan Existentialism'.

Basic way to energize body, to get happiness and to develop concentration of mind.

This is an idea based on the science of being and becoming of world humanity.

Make ready for initiation of  'Sadhan Diksha' - the most evolved technique of psycho-spiritual practice of total self-evolution.

It is a new concept of Human Resource Development in modern world.

An universal path of 'Man Making Mission' (3M) is introduced to support any existential movement  of individual or social life.

It reveals the inner sense of total evolution of each individual, conjugal, family, social and universal life.

Self-test – by answering the Questionnaire of SQL.

It is supposed to balance the Socio Environmental Eco-system (SEE).

After completing SQL- I,

Grab 'Certificate of Excellence' of HRM

and go for Advanced Lessons (SQL- 2) 

It is also supposed to develop the realization of ‘Oneness’ with this totality.
This would initiate Man Making Mission (3M) - a silent psycho-spiritual world revolution.

For more Details of the Syllabus of SQL-1 and SQL- 2  Click Here







We are also looking forward to introduce the following opportunities for Human Potential Management (HPM) program:

  Socio Environmental Ecology (SQL-3) to: (Upcoming soon…)

  • Accumulate of knowledge of faculties of sciences, social sciences and humanities.

  • Find relation in between these different branches of knowledge.

  • Reveal the pathway of application of the knowledge towards of existence.

 Special Course for Students (SQL-4) [Introducing soon…]

  • Building character that makes efficiency.

  • Know the technique of growing concentration in studies.

  • Develop scientific view to overcome probable obstructions.

 Short Term HPM contact-class program for the teenagers and youth (SQL-5.1) to:

  • Develop self-confidence and self-expression.

  • Improving concentration, creativity and memory.

  • Building character and scientific view to combat with the hostile forces on the way of becoming.

  Short Term HPM contact-class program for the married people (SQL-5.2) to:

  • Be happy and successful conjugal life.

  • Know the way of psychological manipulation for getting better child.

  • Understand the behavioural aspects of parents to impart good conducts to the children.

 Short Term HPM contact-class program for the professionals (SQL-5.3) to:

  • Get the way to be free from tension and stress.

  • Have cheerful and enjoyable working sprit by solving your personal problems.

  • Get productive output by evolving your inner power.

 Guidance & Counseling especially for children & teenagers / students and others (SQL-6) to:
  • One to one basis conversation to develop confidence and mutual faith.

  • Finding the root cause of the problem and psycho-disorder.

  • Giving solution to realize the strength of inner potentials of self-existence



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