Future Program


The future goal


Indoaryan School of  HRD

is to make it

Global 'Man Making University'

The future program of the present Indoaryan School (web based) is to work and lay foundation of an ideal all round 'man-making world university' - where diversity could unite at 'Indoaryan School of Human Resource Development (ISHRD)'. The purpose of the university would be the unification of the diversified streams of knowledge towards the culture and research on existentialism, to show the world the path of deliverance from the quandary and socio-economic progress on efficiency building, viewing that - none could say in future -"If I would have known before!!!"

We sincerely want to equip each of the students of this school (ISHRD) by the idea discovered by the World masters and ancient Aryan Seers, to lead the world towards existential-becoming, in every phase of Global life. This education is the part of man making mission (3M).

Keeping it in view at present we are looking to initiate to establish a model unit at Ranchi of Jharkhand state of India, where people can stay, think and develop himself/herself to cultivate the culture of existentialism.

We, - at present having only the resource of complete faith and belief on the World Seer's science of existentialism, humanity, your loving affection and sky-limit aspiration of establishing the culture of life and growth for mankind - seek your open-hearted support to implement the objectives and program more effectively in the human society to make it the 'Eden of Joy'!!!

We shall be thankful to receive your loving co-operation as a voyager of the same boat in the form of any contribution (mental, moral or material).

We have plan to set branches of ISHRD all over the world to fulfill the objectives of the school by performing the following tasks by taking help of the students of ISHRD. So interested students of ISHRD who want to take initiative to establish new wings of ISHRD, must contact us and be citified first. We feel that natural classes of the University (Indoaryan School of HRD) should be conducted in homely environment, so our homes could be the best grass root level classrooms if there is suitable space. So students can start the programs of STAGE-I (see Program>>Roadmap) even at their homes; to:

• Teach the latest psycho-spiritual technique of meditation i.e. ‘Vibrolution’.
• Run HRM classes of ‘Self Quest of Life’ (SQL).
• Implement the program of ‘Man Making Mission’ (3M).
• Make a bridge between ISHRD and other institutions and universities.


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