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  Program (The background)

"Do never die, nor cause death, but resist death to death!!!"

That was the dawn of human civilization; human being was yet to achieve the status of 'man'. He was struggling hard to transform himself as a reformed being, because life wants to evolve continuously in all aspect. Once, a cosmic light of consciousness flashed in mind and made him aware of his existence. He found - one can't live alone, one depends upon environment. That was the first leap of human civilization. Now he was psycho-physically and socially a reformed man - the 'human being'. Since then evolution of human civilization had been taking place due to the eternal desire to exist and to become in terms of mind and material. So he was successively finding the secrets of spiritual manifestation and complexes were no longer merely treated as the symbol of sex and hunger, but as love, affection, service, sympathy, co-operation. And they formed human society, initiated by having cultivation and shelter.

During these process of struggle, the natural leaders or social teachers emerged by their own fulfilling capacity in primitive society; and people accepted them. Man found the modified path of possibility of more in-out progress and realized the taste of better social security and prosperity under the guidance of those social teachers or Seers till date.

Then human being perceived the need of specialization as per the native bent of the individuals. So almost all corners of the world according to the geographical, historical, cultural situations, "social division of labor as per individual's inherited instinct" took place normally in the societies, but in different degree. So the overall four social divisions in terms of intellectual, managerial, commercial and physical labor were formed and continued in different forms.

By long experiences human also found that - through certain 'natural laws of eugenics' i.e. 'planned marriage system' the better qualities of human are being transformed into their offspring, which were acquired by 'serious' practices for their existence and progress for long period.

Under this socio-cultural evolution of growth and fall of big world civilizations, numbers of remarkable historical political-events lead society forward in search of better prosperity of human life. Along with this, the search of the people for more comfortable life and his hunger for self development in the sphere of scientific and technological advancements are also in its' headway. But all these socio-political and scientific-technological developments neither could fulfill the uninterrupted peaceful social evolution, nor satisfied the eternal desire of human life. The reason is that they often failed to retain the proper con-coordination of spiritualism and materialism, i.e. balance between socio-environmental existence and total evolution.

But some people initiated to think over this at the advent of civilization. A highly conscious human-race called 'Aryan' was evolved near at the northern polar region of the earth. They were conscious because of the long run 'existential-struggle' for overcoming the natural hindrances. Ultimately due to the adverse natural conditions they gradually migrated into different parts of the globe and laid foundation of highly developed culture that based on historically big civilizations. Thus in the western world the development was evolved basically on instrumental-science.

One of the Aryans' branches also came into 'Aryavartya' i.e. united India and started
research on individuals' spiritual development by using the 'human-body-instrument' and mind, - sensitive. The purpose was to manipulate of individual's passionate instinct and the laws of nature on the basis of their long experiences in favor of peaceful co-existence of man and humanity to enjoy the life more perfectly. This Indian form of Aryan culture is INDOARYAN-ism, part of the whole global culture.

Eventually the Aryan-culture of east and west has demonstrated and offered the science of inside and outside evolution of human being to the whole world. And the Seers or the scientists, all who can see, show and work for total being and becoming of the society are the fore-runner of the Aryan culture. They are the true living form of the 'philosophy of life'. So who cultures this truth and scientific facts under the Seer's guidance, obviously gets reformed and comes under the fold of Aryan culture - the culture of life and growth.

The earnest demand of the people of the present world is to have a perfect web of technological research of materialism and continuous mental evolution through spiritualism. Because, further human does not want to hamper peace, happiness and progress of self, family and society, caused by the unconscious and unknown misdeeds of themselves.

Presently ISHRD as a web based non-governmental non-profitable virtual School of Human Resource Development working as the solution developer of quests of human life. It has taken a mission to reveal the science of 'man making technique' to drive away the reasons of unconsciousness; because ISHRD believes that mostly human-being himself is responsible for his past and future.
Now lessons are developed on 'Self Quest of Life' (SQL) accumulated from the spiritual and cultural achievements of the past world Seers like Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed, Sri Chaitanya, Sri Ramakrishna and modern social thinkers and scientists which have been modified by the greatest World Teachers of the modern age - Sree Sree Anukulchandra.
So giving response the call for combating death, now the lessons of Self Quest of Life i.e. Foundation Lesson (SQL-I) and Advance Lesson (SQL-II) are being presented in different modules along with Personal-Counseling and workshops. It is a service towards humanity to develop consciousness for them who are ardent for seeking of their own psycho-physical elevation and all-out progress with family and society, irrespective of any sect, color, region or religion. Our aim is to make it a silent global revolution through individual life, conjugal life, family life and social life – under the program of Man Making Mission (3M).

Let's search for getting solutions of quests in a different way to achieve all of our eternal desire of being and becoming and change the whole world by changing ourselves.



  Road map of the program of ISHRD



of this Stage-I is to understand the origin and rational implementation of the philosophy of ‘Indoaryan Existentialism’ in the context of modern world and also to make every one ready to promote him at the further stages (2-4) of true man making process, blended with realization of oneness feeling with the socio-ecological mechanism and inquisitive service to the surroundings. Here in Stage-I one can be only simple ‘Sympathizer’ if he/she agrees with the protocol of Man Making Mission (3M) to apply in his/her personal life and environment. Next step comes as ‘Lesson Member’ who wants to peruse through SQL-I , SQL-II and SQL-III to become:

Sympathizer – who agrees the protocol of 3M
Lesson Member – who has taken or taking lessons of SQL-I and/or SQL-II


  Fundamental course of study of Indoaryan Existentialism: (READY)

1. Quest of life:


2. Chapter-I:

Origin of Indoaryan Existentialism

3. Chapter-II:

Quest of life and Psycho-spiritual Salvation

4. Chapter-III: 

Indoaryan Existentialism and Man Making Mission

  Advance course of study of Indoaryan Existentialism: (READY TO BE RELEASED SOON)

1. Quest of life: 


2. Chapter One: 

 Nature’s Evolution: Revelation of our relationship with the creation

3. Chapter Two: 

 Social Evolution: The truth of our existential-becoming

4. Chapter Three:  

 Socio cultural Existential becoming and Aryanism

5. Chapter Four: 

 Human Resource Development – I : Psycho-sexual Attachment

6. Chapter Five

 Human Resource Development – II: Education

7. Chapter Six: 

 Human Resource Development – III: Sex Conjugal life & Eugenics

8. Chapter Seven:

 Indoaryan Socialism: IASSR

9. Chapter Eight: 

 Materialism of Spiritualism


Science of Socio Environmental Ecology (SEE): (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)

An introductory course of study of interconnections of different faculties of sciences, social sciences and humanities in relation with the application in life and environment.
An introductory course of study of interconnections of different faculties of sciences, social sciences and humanities in relation with the application in life and environment.

 1.  Preamble:

Socio  Environmental Ecology (SEE) and existence

 2.  Chapter One:

Physics – A fundamental concept

 3.  Chapter Two:

Chemistry – A fundamental concept

 4.  Chapter Three:

Biology – A fundamental concept evolution and genetics

 5.  Chapter Four:

Sociology – A fundamental concept

 6.  Chapter Five:

Economics – A fundamental concept

 7.  Chapter Six:

Political Science – A fundamental concept

 8.  Chapter Seven:

Psychology – A fundamental application concept

 9.  Chapter Eight:

World History – A fundamental idea

10. Chapter Nine:

Philosophy – A fundamental concept

11. Chapter Ten:

Summary of Science of SEE




Socio-spiritual trainee – who has taken ‘Initiation’ of psycho-spirituality
Psycho-spiritual scholar – who is following rules of ‘Swastyayani’



Indoaryan motivator – who has empowered as ‘Yajak’
Indoaryan demonstrator – who has empowered as ‘Adyarju’




Spiritual instructor – who is performing as ‘Saha Prati Ritwik’ (SPR)
Spiritual Mentor – who is serving as SPR for more than 12 years



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